Thursday, June 30, 2011

Remember when

     I was remembering when I was a child and how Saturday was a big day for us. On Saturdays we took the extra eggs and cream that Mom had skimmed from the milk and headed to town. It was a big place LOL.
     There was a Pentecost Church , beauty Shop and the general store combined with the post office.
      The store carried everything you could think of sort of the Wal-Mart of today. A one stop shopping place.
   With the money we got from eggs and cream mom got sugar, flour and things we needed and we usually got a  bottle of pop and bag of salted peanuts which came to a dime.Of course we dumped the peanuts in the pop . Yum!
     There was a pot bellied stove in the back of the store near  the post office and benches and chairs around where the men sat and talked ( gossiped). Some played checkers.
      We got permanents at the beauty shop once with this machine with long cords that were put in our hair.
       Today the buildings are still there but the beauty shop is empty, a friend lives in the store/post office and some one lives in the church. A new church was built on the highway a few years ago. The post office closed and everyone was given a new address and our mail comes from the next county away.

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jaci said...

I love these memories. Thanks Jeanette!