Wednesday, November 30, 2011

 Here is a link about a contest if any one is interested.
I have been lax in blogging for several weeks because I have been sick and in hospital. I am some improved. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Christmas Singing

The Christmas Singing is an Amish Novel written by Cindy Woodsmall.
Mattie, a young Amish woman had moved to Ohio from Pa. when  her beau  Gideon was seen hugging an Englisher woman. He told Mattie that she should find some one else.
Mattie's maam had been very sick a few years before with lupus but was doing much better . Mattie talked her parents into allowing her to move to Ohio where one of her brothers ,James lived.
Mattie made and decorated cakes and had her own business and lived above  it.
One day Mattie's Cakes caught on fire and burned to the ground. Mattie suffered smoke inhalation and was unconscious in the hospital. When Gideon heard he headed for Ohio to see about her. It was late at night when he arrived but was allowed to go in and see her. While he was sitting there holding her hand Sol, Mattie's now beau came in. They talked a few minutes and Gideon left to go back to Pa.
Gideon had found out he had lleukemia  3 years before and intended to tell Mattie over the holidays but Mattie had shown up at his place just as his English friend had came to tell him her leukemia was back in full force and he hugged her. Gideon allowed her to think he was seeing someone else.
Mattie is asked by her parents to come home after she was released for a few weeks.While there she runs into Gideon.
She soon realizes she is still in love with him and finally tells her the truth.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Wedding Quilt

The Wedding Quilt, An Elm Creek Quilts Novel by Jennifer Chiaverini.
It is a story about Elm Creek Manor covering just over 25 years. Sarah McClure had came to Elm Creek Manor as a young bride. and discovered quilting. She became one of the Elm Creek Quilters who had quilting camps at the Manor.
She and her husband had twins, a boy and a girl and she hoped her daughter would follow in her footsteps as far as quilting but Caroline was never interested. When James was a little older she discovered he liked quilting.
The book follows the twins through their first 25 years and all friends they made from the quilt camps and employees.Carolyn married at age 25 and James had became engaged.
I enjoyed this book very much

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Don't Mess With Texas

Don't Mess With Texas is an  adult Romance novel written by Christie Craig.
When Nikki Hunt arrives at the restaurant to meet with her ex-husband she parked her car in the alley by the dumpsters. Nikki owned an art gallery but was barely making ends meet and just maybe she could go back with her ex.  Her ex Jack was always trying to get her back, sending flowers and calling and she had never been interested in going back to him before today. Jack was a lawyer and a ladies man. Nikki had been raised by her grandma. Today though she was hungry.
She dips a finger in his bowl of gumbo . Jack disapproves of sharing meals but he tells her to order and he will be right back.She orders and waits for him to return.
Dallas O'Connor goes to his office and living quarters. He is an ex-cop P.I. and his two friends  Tyler and Austin  are his partners. These three had spent time in prison for a crime they did not do. They were cleared after a few years but Dallas was no longer a cop by then. They have a thing about helping people who they felt were wrongly accused.
 After waiting awhile and going ahead and eating she asked the waiter to check the bath room for Jack but he was not there. They brought her the tab and she knows it will overdraw her account. She pays it and goes into a drug store next door since she was felling sick and bought some medicine for upset stomach and heads for the alley but the smell from the dumpster makes her sick and some kids were passing by so she turned around and vomited in the medicine bag. She decides to put the bag in the trunk so she opens the trunk and sees Jacks body.
Dallas's brother Tony is eating at the restaurant and notice the commotion outside and goes to see whats happening. Tony is a homicide investigator.
Nikki is taken to the hospital and they find she has been poisoned by the gumbo.
Dallas and his partners take on the case because they don't think Nikki is guilty.
Read the book to see who is guilty and what happens between Nikki and Dallas.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Scroll

The Scroll is written by Grant R. Jeffrey and Alton L. Gansky.

Several  leading archaeologists have been called for a meeting in the Holy Land. One of these is Dr. David Chambers who has given up on his faith and vowed to never do more Biblical digging. His former girlfriend Dr. Amber Rogers was also to be at the meeting.
A very dear friend had arranged the meeting and he is interested in the Dr's. doing some digs to search for the copper scroll and for items from the old Jewish temple.
David reluctantly agrees to work with the others. They are being funded by a wealthy man, John Trent and have all the finest equipment.
They find chests of gold and silver and they a bomb explodes and people are killed. Who is behind this? David carries his friend out of the tunnel but he is unconscious and they are told he will not live through the night.
I found this book to be very interesting. I received this book from blogging for books free for my reviewing it. Opinions stated are my own.

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Vroom

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Vroom! A World of Motorized Marvels; a NONFICTION - ADULT: Business, Professional & Technical: Technology & Transportation:

This book is full of trivia about things with a motor. It covers daredevils, Aircraft, cars, fastest, boats, racing, motorcycles, rockets, airships, trucks, iceberg wranglers, caterpillars,ships and many more. Lots of not so useful information.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Faithful Ruslan

Faithful Ruslan is a FICTION - ADULT: Literary written by Georgi Vladimov.
It is a story about a dog named Ruslan trained to guard prisoners in Siberia prison camps. It tells of all the mistreatment of the dogs as well as the prisoners and what happened after all the prisoners were released.Dogs were trained not to accept food from any one but their master and some almost died when the masters left.
It was rather difficult read.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Liquid Smoke

Liquid Smoke is a Fiction adult, suspense, thriller, Detective written by Jeff Shelby.
Private Eye  Noah Braddock has just learned that is Father, Russell Simington is on death row awaiting execution in  a few days. A lawyer has contacted him to see if he will go talk to this man he has never met.
When he gets to the airport to make his flight the lawyer isn't there and when the plane takes off she  did not show. He goes and talks to his dad and gets name of a man. When he returns home he finds his door unlocked and the lawyer dead in his floor.
Noah's girlfriend is a homicide detective, Liz Santangelo.
The police don't have much to go but do know Noah is innocent. He starts checking on the name his dad had given him and sees he is connected with the gambling casinos the same kinds of places his dad had been involved in. Noah and a friend snoop around the casino and speak with the owner who denies knowing Simington or Keene.
Late one night Noah gets a threatening phone call and he thinks it was a threat towards his alcoholic mom but instead Liz had been murdered. This sets him on a collision course and he discovers Keene is going after a family that he had been blackmailing and Noah intends to stop him. He goes and waits for him to show and shoots him. He and his friend take him to the desert and bury him.
Noah's dad has less than 12 hrs to live so he goes back to see him and discovers that his dad had used him to kill Keene.By the time he gets back home they have found the body and Noah is on the run.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Great Lenore

The Great Lenore is a novel by J.M. Toline.
Lenore was a young girl who had been orphaned at 17. She lived in England with her Grandpa.She met a young man from Colorado named Jez. They became very close and  Lenore went to Harvard. Jez took a job working for Mr Montana and they started drifting apart. Lenore met Maxwell Montana and Max fell in love with her but never let on. Lenore met and married Maxwell's brother Chas. They had only been married a few months when troubles started and Lenore realized Chas was cheating on her.
Lenore contacted Jez and planned to fly over to spend time with him but she forgot something in the car and missed her flight. The plane crashed and all think she is dead.
Richard is staying at a friend place and it happens to be next door to the Montana's.
The whole story was very difficult to follow and outside of everyone loving Lenore and drinking and smoking pot there wasn't much going on.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Sweetest Thing

The Sweetest Thing is a FICTION - JUVENILE: Family & Everyday Life written by Christina Mandelski.
Sheridan is known as the cake girl. She has been making cakes since she was a little girl. She will soon be 16. Her mom left when she was eight and she just knows if her mom would come home her life would be great.
Her dad, Donavan is a chef and hoping to get a tv series. Her Nanna runs the bakery that had belonged to her mom and this is where Sheridan bakes cakes.
Jack , Sheridan's friend has been helping her search for her mom and he is falling in love with her.
Read the book to see the teen problems that Sheridan has to face as well as Nanna having a heart attack.
It was a good story and I think most teens will like it.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Promissory Payback

Promissory Payback is a FICTION - ADULT: Mystery, Detective, Suspense & Thriller written by Laurel Dewey.
Jane, a police detective is called to the scene of a murder. Carolyn Handel, a 62 year old woman was murdered in her bed. Her hands were tied behind her back and her mouth and nose were covered with duct tape. They found shredded paper stuffed in her mouth.
Her friend, Laura had found her body that morning when she had arrived at Carolyn's home.
The security system appeared to be working and there was no sign of forced entry. A chair was turned so that some one could sit in the chair and watch the woman in bed.
Laura said that Carolyn was running a investment scheme  with 3 other people and these people were wanting their money.
Jane called Carolyn's nephew Joe , the only surviving relative to inform him of her death. Joe said he had been out of town working. He takes pledges to help people in need. Jane asked if he had invested with Carolyn and he said no. He said he had invested once with her and made a lot of money.
When Jane watched the security tapes she found that the security system had been shut off and Laura had turned it on when she came in thinking she had shut it off instead. She also saw Joe coming to Carolyn's door with a bouquet of flowers.
 Read the book to see who had commited the murder and why.