Tuesday, June 4, 2013

So many thoughts

            We have had a active month. I 'm not sure where to start,. Memorial weekend is Al's annual family reunion and we always look foreward to it because it means we get to see some that we only see at this time of year. We had about 65 there but lots were missing and that makes us sad because we never know when it wil be the last reunion we get to attend.
             Al hasn't been well the past month and had trip to ER over the past weekend as was having trouble breathing even with his O2. They gave him lasix to get rid of fluid and medicine to lower his b/p and he feels some better.
             David cut his hand and required 5 stitches outside and some inside to stop a bleeder. It is healing good.
             Robert went with us shopping yesterday as it takes 3 people since we need some on to push a cart and we really appreciate the help.
             Sharrol and Brad got the garden out over Memorial weekend. Now to wait as I'm looking foreward to fresh vegetables.
             Al got me two old fashioned lilac bushes for Mothers Day. Brad was nice enough to plant it along with  peach & apple trees.
             We had some visitors that spent the night in a tent in our yard and several items came up missing after they left so they won't be camping here again.
              We had a good service at Church Sunday Am. The minister Bro. Rocky Green is suffereing from stage 4 cancer of bone and could use your prayers.
               I have been reading lots of the Amish novels and enjoying them. I'm thankful for those at Church who share their books with me.
               David ran over and killed his dog a couple weeks ago. We have a new addition named Kujo.
Sharrol is raising a baby blue jay that David found in middle of road.It had only fluff but is now feathered out and quite active. Hopefully soon he will  be able to fly and can be released. She calls him JayJay.
               I think I've rambled enough for this time.