Monday, July 1, 2013

Prayers, Life, and Life in General

    It has been almost a month since my last post and lots of living has been going on. We have anywhere from 11 to 7 people here staying at any given time so it can and does get wild sometimes.
I was kind of complaining a week or so ago when God reminded me that 20 years ago when we were leaving homelessness that I prayed that He would provide us with a house large enough to take in homeless people and He certainly has. Sharrol and her family were homeless because of their house burning Feb. 2012. Robert came when his wife chose another man and asked for divorce and he had no place to go in Nov. 2012, Roger had been living in a tent in my yard summer of 2012 and asked to move inside last fall. Sharrol's grand kids are here because their mom lost her job and got power off so they couldn't stay in their home.  Now we have a problem as the only things we asked of them was they keep their rooms clean, no smoking (Al is on O2 full time) and no alcohol. Roger refuses to listen (he is almost 26) and we have found him smoking in his room, drinking and his room looks like a pig pen. A week or so we had almost no forks so Al went in there and found 15. 10 in his bed and 5 in floor. When he told Roger, Roger called him a liar. He has ruined the queen size mattress that is there  and other things. We have to tell him to find some where else to stay. Not sure how as this is a grandson but I can only give so many chances. He has no car and works an hour away at a gas station
so hopefully he will find something nearer work.
          I am reading my Bread and I am in April on my second time through and finding things I had not noticed before. I discussed this with my son and my pastor and they both said  that it makes people feel better to think  things that aren't in Scripture and that is why you hear such comments about heaven and when we get there. I wonder if we are wrong to let them believe a lie just because it makes them feel better.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

So many thoughts

            We have had a active month. I 'm not sure where to start,. Memorial weekend is Al's annual family reunion and we always look foreward to it because it means we get to see some that we only see at this time of year. We had about 65 there but lots were missing and that makes us sad because we never know when it wil be the last reunion we get to attend.
             Al hasn't been well the past month and had trip to ER over the past weekend as was having trouble breathing even with his O2. They gave him lasix to get rid of fluid and medicine to lower his b/p and he feels some better.
             David cut his hand and required 5 stitches outside and some inside to stop a bleeder. It is healing good.
             Robert went with us shopping yesterday as it takes 3 people since we need some on to push a cart and we really appreciate the help.
             Sharrol and Brad got the garden out over Memorial weekend. Now to wait as I'm looking foreward to fresh vegetables.
             Al got me two old fashioned lilac bushes for Mothers Day. Brad was nice enough to plant it along with  peach & apple trees.
             We had some visitors that spent the night in a tent in our yard and several items came up missing after they left so they won't be camping here again.
              We had a good service at Church Sunday Am. The minister Bro. Rocky Green is suffereing from stage 4 cancer of bone and could use your prayers.
               I have been reading lots of the Amish novels and enjoying them. I'm thankful for those at Church who share their books with me.
               David ran over and killed his dog a couple weeks ago. We have a new addition named Kujo.
Sharrol is raising a baby blue jay that David found in middle of road.It had only fluff but is now feathered out and quite active. Hopefully soon he will  be able to fly and can be released. She calls him JayJay.
               I think I've rambled enough for this time.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Reading my Bible in 1 year

      I started reading my BREAD Bible the second week in January and finished it today. I'm anxious to start over and read it through again before the end of the year.
     There are a few passages I want to study deeper too. I have been seeing lots of comments on what we should or should not believe. I believe the Holy Bible (prefer KJV/Amplified) and I have read many versions. I see no reason to hunt for a study Bible ( I have read some) that the person who wrote it has the same ideas I do. I read it because I think it is God's Holy Word and it means what it says. I believe we are to try to follow Jesus and this is my road map to get to where I want to go. I would not achieve this with out my Bible. I want His Word to change me so I can spend eternity with Him.
    I'm not perfect and when I am I will no longer be here on earth. So many people claim to be Christians but their "fruit" shows other wise.
   I want to do what Jesus wants me to do and sometimes it will go against what my flesh wants but I find if I lean on Him and change I no longer have desires to do those things. He knows the beginning from the end and I do not.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

                          Feeling Left Out

Have you ever felt left out? It is an uncomfortable feeling especially when it is a group that you have tried for several years to be a part of.
I get this feeling that I don't belong several times a year. I know I can't do some of the things most of the others do because of my physical limitations but wish they would at least ask if I want to do it.
If it to help provide a meal my daughter will gladly help with it in my stead.  But usually I don't know about it until it is over with.
I don't know why I'm not included. I know I don't have nice clothes and have to wear ugly shoes but I desire to be a part. I have children so I could be included in their contests. My child could be included with the other children but no.
I don't know if anyone reads this but if you do please leave comment  Thanks!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Seem's I Can't Do It Right

                             Seems I Can't Do It Right

      My daughter's birthday was in Feb. She has been asking for an outhouse for almost a year so I decided to have one built for her. One of my sons is unable to work so I asked him if he would help with this and he said yes. We got the supplies last week but weather has not been good so we have not got any more done.
     He was here earlier this week wanting to know where she wanted it put but she was not home at that time.Tonight he was here and was told where she wants it but now Brad wants to be here to help and he only gets to be here about two days a month so will be another year to get built and already over $500 spent.
     It makes me sorry I even tried to get it made for her.
     We used an out house here for many years before we got county water and now with only 1 bath and so many people it is feasible to have one again.

Monday, March 18, 2013

I'm Still Alive

                                           I'm still alive

I haven't blogged for a long time as I got sick in 2012 and forgot how to long in. After 5 weeks or so in bed and hospital  I have recovered but my memory has not improved. My daughter helped me figure it out as well as my twitter account.
We have had lots going on. My husband was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in Sept.2013 and has underwent two surgeries. He goes Wed, for another scope to see if he will have to have more surgeries.
Feb. 13 2013 my daughters home in Jackson Mo. burned to the ground and they lost everything but Praise the Lord no one was hurt. After a couple nights in motel ( thanks to Red Cross) they asked to come here to live. She has been a great help as well as Brad ( her over the road truck driving Husband) when he gets to come home. Robert has moved back home too . His wife,  Amanda who is in Military had a roll over accident in Tx. the day after Thanksgiving and was in hospital for weeks. She still suffer from the back fxs and the brain damage. She is in Ky. now in the Wounded Warrior's program.
My grandson,  Roger moved in when the weather got cold last fall after spending summer in a tent in our yard . So we have a full and sometimes over full house.
I said all this to say I'll try to  post to my blog more now that I have it figured out