Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thoughts from God

I have been sitting here listening to Southern Gospel music and God has been speaking to my heart. I admit  in the hectic times I don't take time to listen like I should.
God was touching my heart about excuses that people give for not following Him.They say they are his children but find many excuses for not following His word or attending Church so they can be fed. For some it is work, "I would go to Church but I have to work". yet they are not there for any service night or day. Or  "it's the only day we get off so I spend it with my family". Church is a nice place to go with family !
There are many other excuses you can come up with but they are excuses.
When we are not following Him, we aren't getting fed therefore we get weak in our walk, stumble and fall more and eventually may turn away.
When we use work as an excuse it winds up being like in bags with holes in bottom and we find there is never enough money to supply our needs no matter how much we work. God has always supplied my needs.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Scent of Cherry Blossoms

The Scent of Cherry Blossoms by Cindy Woodsmall is a romance from Amish Country.
Annie, a horse and buggy Mennonite who lives with her mom and several siblings. Annie's older brothers were drinking and gambling and running wild. Her dad had left her mom several years ago and sends money once a month but they had not saw him for 9 years.
Annie's mom did not get along with her dad or Annie so out of anger she sent her daughter from N. Y. to Pa . to stay with her grandfather. Annie loved being at her grandfathers. She also had eyes for a neighbor man Aden who had  a twin brother who was hurt in an accident and now was a paraplegic. Aden stuttered. Aden and his family were old order Amish. They ran a diner in town and had to have electric. Annie's grandfather went in partnership years before so they could run the diner.
Annie started helping in the diner but them more time she spent with Aden the more she cared for him. He was falling in love too and they would meet at night in the cherry orchard. Their Church would not allow them to see each other and they knew if they got caught they would be in trouble.
Grandfather saw them and started threatening to close the diner if they did not stop seeing each other.
Read the book to see what happens and if they decide it is worth fighting for.
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