Monday, July 1, 2013

Prayers, Life, and Life in General

    It has been almost a month since my last post and lots of living has been going on. We have anywhere from 11 to 7 people here staying at any given time so it can and does get wild sometimes.
I was kind of complaining a week or so ago when God reminded me that 20 years ago when we were leaving homelessness that I prayed that He would provide us with a house large enough to take in homeless people and He certainly has. Sharrol and her family were homeless because of their house burning Feb. 2012. Robert came when his wife chose another man and asked for divorce and he had no place to go in Nov. 2012, Roger had been living in a tent in my yard summer of 2012 and asked to move inside last fall. Sharrol's grand kids are here because their mom lost her job and got power off so they couldn't stay in their home.  Now we have a problem as the only things we asked of them was they keep their rooms clean, no smoking (Al is on O2 full time) and no alcohol. Roger refuses to listen (he is almost 26) and we have found him smoking in his room, drinking and his room looks like a pig pen. A week or so we had almost no forks so Al went in there and found 15. 10 in his bed and 5 in floor. When he told Roger, Roger called him a liar. He has ruined the queen size mattress that is there  and other things. We have to tell him to find some where else to stay. Not sure how as this is a grandson but I can only give so many chances. He has no car and works an hour away at a gas station
so hopefully he will find something nearer work.
          I am reading my Bread and I am in April on my second time through and finding things I had not noticed before. I discussed this with my son and my pastor and they both said  that it makes people feel better to think  things that aren't in Scripture and that is why you hear such comments about heaven and when we get there. I wonder if we are wrong to let them believe a lie just because it makes them feel better.