Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Dad

  Yes, it is Father's Day weekend and I couldn't resist writing about my Dad. He has been gone for over 16 years and I miss him and Momma so much.
   My Dad was a quiet man. I can't remember ever hearing him say anything bad about anyone. I do remember one man he did not like but  my sister and I never knew why but he would not do business with him.
I remember my dad carrying me on his shoulders down the wagon trail to our house when I was small.
   I do not think he ever whipped me and if he did I don't remember it. He expected Momma to do that because my sister and I were girls.
   Once I had taken my glasses off and given them to him and he placed them in his shirt pocket and forgot about it  and went to  barn to take care of the animals. When he went to draw water from the well my glasses fell in.He borrowed a pump the next day from his boss and pumped the well dry to get my glasses out.
  My Dad was a soft touch and would give anyone anything he had if they needed it. He loved his kids and grandkids.
  He loved to hunt and fish and ginseng hunted until a few years before he died. He fell one day and broke his ankle and rescue people had to go find him. He never hunted after that.
  He took us to Church for years and went faithfully until his death.
   I was blessed to have such a wonderful earthly Father.

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