Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I remember.......

      Last night after I went to bed I was thinking about my childhood and I was remembering when I was 3 or 4 I loved to go to school.
      Most days my Mom would walk to the mailbox which was a couple miles or more from our house. The school was about half way. It was of course a 1 room school with grades 1-8 there. My Mom would stop to rest and get drink from the well and walk on to the  mailbox. I always begged to stay there while she went one and usually she would let me.Sometimes I got to stay the rest of the day and walk home with my sister.
       I remember one day Mom was doing our laundry out in the yard in a big iron pot and I asked her if I could go to school. She told me no, because my dress was dirty and she did not have time to clean me up and take me.
       I went inside and changed my dress and sneaked out. I decided I'd take the wagon path because it was low with high sides and she would not see me.  When I reached the far corner there she stood waiting with a switch as she missed me and came "Catty Corner" and beat me there.
        Yes, she whipped me because I wanted to go to school and I teased her about it for years but I really knew she whipped me because I disobeyed.

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