Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our attempt to having transportation

    This morning we went to DMV to get tags
for our " new " car. It is a 91 Ford Taurus. It was a 2 hour wait but at least it was air conditioned. When we were called I realized I did not have my wallet so had no drivers license and part of the money designated. Bummer. The last was nice and asked for something so she could bring up my license so I produced a letter from Social Security with my address, SS# and she was able to get the information she needed.
    Tags in hand we stopped at auto parts store
 to purchase a radiator. I remained in the truck and sweltered. On to Wally World for transmission fluid, antifreeze, wiper blades and I waited in the truck.
    At last we are home and hubby starts to put in radiator. I check every hour or so to make sure he is ok. After about 3 hours  I hear a loud bang and I actually think I may have ran ( something I have not done in a long time)  out the door and there he stood with steam going every where. A radiator hose had busted! Thank God he was not hurt.
However it means another trip to town in the morning because we want to be able to go to church tomorrow night.

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jaci said...

WOW - you have a nice DMV. Here, you have to prove you got married 50 years ago. I mean, you actually have to have your marriage certificate in your hand to prove you legally changed your last name. No way would they have looked up your info online.
Hope you got the car running today!